Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When It Snows, It Snows

In July, Monstro started to shed his coat, and I knew and stated to anyone who would listen, it would be a cold, cold winter. It has been said; animal can tell and forecast the weather. I thought it was just bunk. I was wrong. Woodstock has now closed for snow on three occasions this season, and it looks like we will close again on Wednesday. Monstro & Mugsy are not happy to be alone! We don’t close to just have a snow day. I look out for my staff. If I don’t want to be on the road because of hazardous conditions, I don’t want them on the road.
 Guess who is the only one having fun in the snow...

We are happy that the weather held for our special events. Everyone had a great time-especially me- at the drum circle and wire wrap class. I am looking forward to the Valentine’s Day drum circle. The wire wrap class was very successful. Everyone got to go home with a finished piece of jewelry. They can take pride in wearing it because they made it. The next class is Saturday, March 22, from 1-4pm. We will learn to incorporate weaving into the design. It will be a lot of fine. I enjoy seeing everyone work hard at some they make for themselves and others. You can really see the love.

That is some wonderful work.

So, until next time, stay warm and drive. Most of all, stay safe.