Monday, March 17, 2014

MOM, Seth, & Woodstock in JerseyMan

Around the beginning of February, MOM and Seth were interviewed by a gentleman named John Scalon for JerseyMan Magazine. As we were looking over the store's Facebook page today, we see and post by JerseyMan. It was a link to the article. Mr. Scanlon did a great job! His article captured the passion and love that MOM and Seth have for the business, the music, and their customers. There are interesting stories and tidbits in the article. If you have ever wondered why MOM and Seth got into the business, or why they love it, this article answers those questions. If you want to check out the article, just follow the link.
Take Care!
JerseyMan Magazine's Woodstock Trading Company Article by John Scanlon

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mom's Nostalgic Moment

Received our allotment of Relix Magazines in our store and it was truly a nostalgic magic moment.  So many of the articles and interviews are very powerful and personal to my life and the era in which we worked to put our store together.  The article “What’s Become of the Betty Boards certainly had me remembering all the fans coming into the store with their tapes to get copies of the Grateful Dead concerts.  We had to make a data base so that everyone could pick the shows they wanted us to put on tape for them.  In turn they would trade with other fans and increase their library of music.  How different it is today!  However, we still have our tape library and offer anyone free dubbing of anything that we have.  Some of the old timers have brought their tapes in for us to offer FREE  to anyone.   There was always some excitement when new tapes came in from the tapers sections and many of course from the “Betty Boards” found their way back  to us.