Thursday, October 23, 2014

Olde English Witch Balls

Legend has it; Witch Balls were hung in the windows of English homes during the 18th century. They were uses to ward off evil spirits and cleanse the area of bad fortune. The usage remains the same in present day life. 

Traditionally when a new glass studio is assembled, the first object that is made is a witch ball. They are usually created in a hot shop (Furnace Work). The spokes inside the glass orb are the home the witch. Once the bad spirits filter through the glass they will get snagged on the spokes and the witch ball, and the witch will zap all the negative spirits away.

Seth and I have been blowing glass and love to share some of the history and lore of the craftsman who make wonderful handmade items. We have introduced these items into our store and have them in three sizes 2 inch, 6 inch and small personal pendant size. They are handmade items and we have a select number of them in the One Of A Kind section of our website.

Since we have had these witch balls in Woodstock Trading Company’s store, there seems to be only positive vibrations at all times in our environment at all times...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Happenings At Woodstock

September 27th 2014 was just a wonderful day for me.  Not only was it may birthday bash it was also our annual garlic festival.  Thank you Kris Noyes Trio for all the wonderful music and setting the mood for our next garlic crop.  I would also like to thank our buddy, Andre Gardner, and the 102.9 WMGK team for coming out to celebrate with us as well. 

We will be planting our next crop in about two weeks and I hope to get photos from all of you who have our garlic bulbs as to when you see some growth.  It still gets me so excited when I see the garlic growing in the winter.

We have so much going on this week.  Hope you can join in person for our incense lecture, and if not, you can go to YouTube and Google Hangouts for either the live stream or for the video portion of Dr. Seth’s talk.  Friday, our wire wrap teacher is in from 4:30-6:30 followed by our drum circle.  We like to energize crystals in the full moon and we have put our water out to be in the full moon in time for the drum circle.  This is a very special moon since it is the harvest or blood moon and there will be an eclipse at the time of the full moon. What make this eclipse and full moon unique is the fact that you will be able to see the sun rise and moon at the same time.  Hopefully you can join us.

As if that is not enough, on Saturday, Jugband perform at our Mad Hatter’s Lawn Concert.  This concert is in honor of Monstro.  He resembles the Cheshire cat with his large round eyes and abundant body type.  We recommend adorning oneself with an appropriate hat for this party. 
On October 25th we will have a Halloween Concert featuring Suburban Sensi and we recommend costumes for this special event, however, dressing as a hippie does not qualify as a costume.

Without you, there are no parties…please join us…MOM