Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Mode

It is Thanksgiving eve and Black Friday is rearing his ugly head around the corner. We all know that the real start of the holiday shopping season starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Life can get hectic and unbearable within the shopping world. There are so many individuals out there who worry about finding the right item, finding the item at a store or online, and hopping that the business still has the item when it is time to purchase. It can drive you crazy!

We, at Woodstock, understand this craziness and are here to help. Believe me; the holiday season is hard on us, too. But we know it is coming and are ready. The customer is our top priority. If you are not happy, we are not happy. Our customers are our family. We want our family to be happy. This is the truth. This is the way it has been since 1988. The Woodstock gang has seen the same customers since they were children. Now the children are bringing in their own children. We have grown with you. Therefore, when you come in to get a gift for your family, we want to help you find that perfect gift.

There is something for everyone at Woodstock Trading Company. We have beads and jewelry supplies for the crafter. If your gift is for the music fan, you know we have you covered. The rock n' roll t-shirt is the classic gift item. You want the Grateful Dead? You know we have it. You want the Allman Brothers? We have it. If you want something different from the usual shirt, we have knowledgeable staff that will find something for you. If you are getting a gift for a collector, we have things like holiday ornaments, many are very difficult to find now. There are band pins and buttons, one-of-a-kinds and hard-to-finds. Here is a little secret about our buttons. We got many of them from a gentleman by the name of Phil Ceccola. He was a photographer and friend to MOM and Seth. Look up his name and see who else he was friends with... One popular thing that people look for is bar items. We have pint sets, mugs, wine glasses, and classic signs to decorate the bar or man-cave. If you are looking for something special for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother, we have excellent jewelry and clothing. Take a look and take a sniff of the fragrant Auric Blends perfumes.

Come in and just ask for help. If you are ordering online, don't be afraid to give us a call or shoot us an email. The Woodstock gang understands the roughness of the holiday shopping season. We are here to help get your through. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Take Care,
Mom, Seth, and The Woodstock Gang

Friday, November 22, 2013

We Are Everywhere... We Are Family

October 21, 2013

“We Are Everywhere”. This phrase is well known to the Dead Heads of the world, and it is very true. I bet that if you took a look in the closet of your next door neighbor, you would find a Grateful Dead shirt back there, along with a few skeletons (we DO NOT suggest going into the closet of your neighbor). You never know who is a Dead Head. It could be your doctor, teacher, lawyer, or bank president. It could be all of the above. We are everywhere! With that being said, the November issue of “Bon Appétit” magazine reminded us once again of this phrase.

Located on page 38 of the November issue, in “The Foodist-Thanksgiving Edition” column, we find a small section labeled, “Hippie Thanksgiving!”...
“Whenever I cook, I listen to the Grateful Dead. No music keeps me better company in the kitchen. The Dead is also the perfect music to eat by-and no, I haven’t been smoking anything.”- Page 38, The Foodist (Thanksgiving Edition), Bon Appétit Magazine, November 2013 edition.

That little quote says it all. One of, if not the biggest holidays in American culture is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about family. Some may not think so, but the Grateful Dead is a family band. There is nothing vulgar or distasteful about their music. You could bring children and adults of all ages to the concerts. The Dead Heads always lend a helping hand. Grateful Dead is family. Try playing some Dead this Thanksgiving and see for yourself. Show the world that we are everywhere and we are family.
If you are looking for something Dead to add to this Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, Woodstock has something for you. Get yourself a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Ice Cube Tray and make decorative ice cube, gelatin, or even chocolate. We also have many wine and champagne glass available in-store. If you want something a little more relaxed, we have wonderful incense from around the world and excellent decorative, yet functional incense burners. Woodstock wants to make your family feel right at home and comfortable. Why? Because you are our family. It is all about the family.

MOM, Seth, Jim, Guy, and the Woodstock Gang
“We Are Everywhere”

Bead With The Doctor

September 27, 2013

Hey Now! Jim from Woodstock here. Today, we have something special. Everyone has been getting in on the blogs as of late. Now we have someone else who would like to say a hello and give his input. That someone is Dr. Harvey Glass, or Doc, as we call him. Doc is Mom’s husband and our shipping department/bead department. He has written a little something for all of you today. It is kind of an invite to everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the wise words of Doc.
“The allure of beads is universal. In keeping with that, Woodstock Trading Company has collected many exotic and unusual beads from far and wide. Come look and see our bone, stone, glass, metal, and ceramic ‘eye candy’.
Wedding Cake and Novelty Beads
Wedding Cake and Novelty Beads

Ladies and gentlemen, that was the words of the famous Doc. The man loves the beads and wants to share them with the world. We have some great stuff at Woodstock. Some of the beads are older than the store. The biggest issue is that the beads are difficult to sell online. We are working on a way for everyone to get them. In the mean time, you can only get them in store. We will let you know when these great beads will be available online.
Bone and Horn Beads
Bone and Horn Beads
Take care everyone.
Stone Beads
Stone Beads

The Afterthoughts of the 2013 Garlic Festival

September 25, 2013

Every year, I look forward to our Garlic Festival and this year was no exception. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to The Jugband for supplying the most wonderful live music and making a happy bed for the next year’s harvest. That is an important thing, singing and playing music for the planting bed and the garlic. Without that, we would get a lackluster crop. I would also like to thank all the local artists and craftsmen who came out to display their original works. It was so nice to meet all of you and to see your wonderful work. Finally, I would like to thank all of the great people who came out to Woodstock Trading Company. We had so many and are so thankful that you came out and had a wonderful.
Preparing the garlic bed for the 2014 crop. That black stuff is manure. We let Jim do that.
Preparing the garlic bed for the 2014 crop. That black stuff is manure. We let Jim do that.
The Garlic Festival has been going on for so long now; the exact date has slipped my mind. It is a true Woodstock tradition, up there with the Maypole. As we have done for so many years, we distribute the garlic from last year’s crop, grown in front of the Woodstock building.
Mom giving away the first bag of 2013 garlic.
Mom giving away the first bag of 2013 garlic.

The next planting will be the week of Columbus Day weekend. The most exciting thing for me is seeing the garlic grow during the cold weeks and months of winter. Many of the recipients of the Woodstock bulbs contact me via Facebook and send me pictures of their fledgling garlic as soon as they break through the Earth. This is one of my greatest joys! To see new life in the cold of winter and sharing the wealth with all those who used our 2013 garlic bulbs, it is just marvelous.
The growing garlic
The growing garlic


Woodstock Belly Dance Lessons

September 25, 2013
mom belly dancing photo
Many, many years ago, (I mean many), I enjoyed the art of Belly Dancing and am so happy to be able to invite you to classes right here in Woodstock. What inspired me to look at this dance form was the fact that the music was inspirational and I could not just listen to it without becoming involved physically with the melodies. In addition, I considered that it raised my fitness level and concentrated on the inner body core, which now many years later, I am happy that I used dance as my fitness training (certainly for me more fun than the gym). Besides body awareness, it has helped me through the years with coordination and balance. It is truly one of the oldest and most beautiful dance forms.
We gather on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 5:30-6:30 with our wonderful teacher, Krista Sassani... Join us!
BD teacher Krista

Who Is The Million Dollar Quartet?

July 9, 2013
Hey Now! Jim from Woodstock Trading Company, here, and I want to tell you all about an awesome new item that Woodstock has in stock. The item that I speak of is “The Million Dollar Quartet” poster. Does the name ring any bells? If you are a fan of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, or Carl Perkins, the name might mean something to you. If not, let me fill you in on the back-story.
The Million Dollar Quartet Poster. From Left To Right- Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash.
Click on the image to go to our website.
Back in December of 1956, a 21-year-old Elvis decided to pay a visit to his old recording studio, Sun Records in Memphis, TN. Carl Perkins was already in the studio cutting some new material with is brothers, Jay and Clayton and drummer W.S. Holland. Studio owner, Sam Phillips, had brought in a then, unknown, Jerry Lee Lewis to play piano for the session. While the five musicians played away in the studio, Elvis and Phillips were having a chat in the engineering booth. The King of Rock n’ Roll approached Perkins and the gang after hearing the playback of the recording session and the jam began to start. A short time later, Johnny Cash walked into the studio and joined the jam session. This became the first documented “Super Group”. The rest is history.
The “Million Dollar Quartet” poster is great for any music fan, young or old. It truly captures a great moment in music history. Without these four men, music might not be what it is today. If you are looking for an eye-catching image to add to your wall, look no further. This poster is just amazing. Stop by our website or click on the image above to check it out.
Take care everyone and we hope to see you soon... Jim of Woodstock

Happy Mother's Day!

May 6, 2013
One of the best gifts my family has granted me on Mother's Day is to work at Woodstock on this day.  It gives me joy to see some of the "kids" that would come to the store as kids.  They return with their kids to see their families in South Jersey and they come to visit me as well....MOM of  Woodstock.

Everyone Needs A Little Pussy to Be Happy!

And, here at Woodstock...we've got lots of pussy to go around!
January 20, 2012
Two years ago when our beloved cat, May, died on Mother’s Day, (she was going on 20), this couple came into the store carrying a teeny tiny orange bundle of joy. They put this bright little orange kitten on the floor. Woodstock Trading Company's Mugsy
Our Monstro touched noses with him, turned around and marched the kitten into the bathroom where he could find food and water. The two of them then promptly fell asleep in their beds next to one another. I turned around to thank the couple and they were gone. I have often thought of how happy I am to have had this little orange angel, Mugsy, come into our lives.
woodstock trading company's mugsy He is our little electrical engineer. He likes to make the fax machine beep and loves to watch the shredder work. He also enjoys a ride on the sliding copy machine. He is family!
Last Sunday, the door opened and this couple came into the store. They peered around the store and asked, “Do you still have an orange kitty?” I brought them into the office to showcase Mugsy. Of course, he was fast asleep on top of the high printer, like the king of hill. He responded to them, came down.They were delighted at how happy he is here and said, “We are the ones who brought Mugsy to you.” I was tingling all over with joy.
They told me how they had found him in the woods that day. He was covered in leaves and debris. They had taken him home, cleaned him up and contacted a friend, who mentioned our recent loss and suggested we might love a new kitten at the store, a new pal for Monstro.
Their recent visit was a particularly poignant moment, as Maverick and IO (EEE-OH), our beloved cats at our home for almost 20 years, both recently passed within a month of each other. Our home is a very different place without them.
Mugsy's Godparents
Hence, our love for Mugsy is even more appreciated and intensified these days.
It has been a wonderful journey having both Monstro and Mugsy to keep us company and greet all of you. Monstro will get his day in the sun here soon on the blog! His story will be told…
It is truly a wonderment to share your life with these little creatures. I cannot fully express to you the life-changing relationship you can develop with a cat.
I hope you realize the adoption of any animal is a long-term commitment that has its ups and downs, good and bad. But, in the's all good!
Visit the WTC ADOPTION KENNEL FOR CATS at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage!
421 Cooper Road Voorhees Township, NJ 08043
(856) 627-9111
All cats adopted from our kennel will become automatic brothers and sisters to Monstro and Mugsy.
We would appreciate your stories and photos! Email them to me at or post on our Facebook Page!

All the best to you and your pussy!   - "Mom"

For The Love of Music, Let It Be Live!

September 19, 2011
The music scene can be difficult for local bands to get their start in the Philadelphia area, especially with the closing of two iconic venues, The Trocadero in Philadelphia and The Pennant, right here in Southern NJ. That is why, for decades now, I have offered my personal support and love featuring the talents of local bands on our lawn to give them a presence here. It is an opportunity to hone their craft, build confidence and spread the word. Woodstock Trading Company has helped to launch the careers of now well-known jam bands like Bohemian Sunrise, Splintered Sunlight, Leftover Salmon and The Disco Biscuits, who performed here on our lawn in the early 90s.
Solar Circus at Woodstock Trading Company
Solar Circus at WTC, circa early 90s
Solar Circus also boosted their career here with the launch of their LP (yes, we are dating ourselves) They have since grown to become The Juggling Suns. And, Mr. Charlie also comes to mind. This psychedelic band has become a staple in Philadelphia and Southern NJ with new sounds and songs on the horizon for them.
The Jugband performs at WTC 22nd Anniversary, 8/1/2010
The Jugband performs at WTC 22nd Anniversary, 8/1/2010
And, let’s not forget The Jugband! Fran is such a creative soul. He has recently gathered a new crop of talented musicians to reach well beyond the borders of the Dead, debuting this 7-piece electric reggae and rock cover band in bars throughout Southern NJ since launching their new sound at our May Pole Festival earlier this year. Their vocal harmonies and jugband twist on songs from Paul Simon, The Band, Allman Brothers and Marley will make you smile and shake your bones. Dana Smith, our esteemed pr guru here at Woodstock, joined the band as a vocalist after jumping up and singing a tune with them on a whim last summer right here on our lawn. Talk about getting your start at Woodstock Trading Company!
Merle Saunders plants a tree at WTC. Circa early 90s
Merle Saunders plants a tree at WTC. Circa early 90s
We’ve also had the pleasure of spotlighting such great talents as Vince Welnick, formerly of the Grateful Dead and Merle Saunders, the acoustic yin to Jerry Garcia’s yang. Merle was a gracious man, who helped us to plant our dogwood tree. We rededicated this tree years later in memory of Merle. We put a little angel in the tree to commemorate his spirit. As Lori Constantine, a talented keyboardist played that day, a little bird came down to sing along beside her. The dogwood has now grown to provide a shady respite for those who come out to enjoy live music here.
Society has changed so much since we opened our doors over two decades ago. With the advent of technology, people don’t interact as much. Live music is a binding force of nature. It touches the heart in a way that a recording cannot. It brings us together.
I encourage local bands to make their mark upon the community. Call me at 856-424-6166 or email me your information at Let me know when and where you are playing, so I can encourage others to seek you out to enjoy your creative talents. We are already planning for our spring lawn concerts next year, so send me some demos and let’s get you out there where you belong…bringing joy and happiness to others through live music.
And, I encourage all of you, the music lovers, to come on out and share in these momentous moments of new found talent, so you can look back someday and say, "Hey, I know that band. Wow, look at them now!"

Blessed are the Beadmakers!

Seth at his AGI workstation
Seth at his AGI workstation
Mom's AGI Beads 2011
Mom's AGI Bead Creations

August 18, 2011
Seth and I had the pleasure of recently attending The 11th annual Art Glass Invitational (AGI). It is an annual week-long event held in western Pennsylvania to promote education and camaraderie within the glassblowing community.
We have to pack up and bring our studio workshop with us in a van… torches, glass, tools of the trade and chairs to set up a makeshift workstation for the week. There are demonstrations and lectures from some of the world’s best blowers… about sculpture, chemistry, safety…everything! It was our 10th consecutive year and we will no doubt be there next year too.
Seth and I have been glassblowing… and making glass beads for nearly 2 decades. I was previously a welder creating and sculpting metal art since the mid 1960s. I fell in love with an exotic car and gave up my garage space for it, so I had to find a new interest to love with less space. Salem county college offered glassblowing courses, so Seth and I took classes there and met so many wonderful mentors including Paul Stankard and Emilio Santini. What inspirations! We built a free-standing studio behind our home where we try to make time to work at our craft when we are not attending to our friends and family at WTC daily.
Beads are in their own right a visual and tactile experience. To take a rod of colored glass, get in on a mandrel, add other colors, mix other elements and ultimately create designs as it transforms from solid to molten to a unified work of art…it is amazing. It’s just delicious!
Beads are a fascination to mankind, it’s one of the oldest crafts and industries in the world. Beads are a primitive adornment depicting status in the community, even when clothing was scarce. We adorn our bodies. We adorn our houses. Beads are a very integral part of humanity. They are spiritual in nature, really. What defined the 60s? Hair, sex, rock n roll and beads! The strands of love beads defined the hippie look along with tie dyes and flowing skirts. Beads are a part of Rock-n-Roll history. And that’s what we’re about here at Woodstock Trading Company.
People are attracted to certain colors or patterns. It’s an experience to choose your pallet and intention when creating jewelry or adornment. Some are one-of-a-kind, others are manufactured, but they are all beautiful. It’s an art…anything that you can put a hole in it or wrap a wire around it and tie a string. That’s the art of beading.
We have a wide bead selection that we sell exclusively through the store. So many are original works of art, so to post it on the website to sell would be a painstaking effort to keep up with inventory as each individual one sold out. Perhaps someday we will do it.
In the meantime, come on by! We can Bitch ‘n Bead together!
Much love..."Mom"

Why a May Pole Celebration

April 29, 2011
People have asked me...why a May Pole celebration?
In 1958, I was the beloved queen of The Estrella Triangle Daughters of the Eastern Star (a female branch of Masons)..I had regalia..I even wore a gown one year. I have always been the queen! When I was in kindergarten, we had a spring celebration and I was supposed to be queen of the May...the maypole. But, I got the chicken pox and couldn't go! So now I get to be queen of the May each and every year.
May Day was initially a pagan right of fertility and, it's just
a fun thing. There’s music and laughter and joy. Most people have never seen
a maypole, but it used to be done all the time when I was young.

When we decided to host the first May Day Celebration on the lawn here at
Woodstock Trading Company many years ago, we had to put things together
to create a maypole. We went to the hardware store and bought some PVC,
later we used a galvanized pole realizing this would become a permanent
annual event. We needed an additional couple of feet to make it
proper...tall enough for length of ribbon, that we screw on to the top to
attach the ribbons to it.

Everyone gets a ribbon...we dance to music and you interweave with one
another to form designs on the pole with the ribbons. It is particularly fun
for the kids ...and it's free. Just come on out and enjoy spring...period!
No worries that it takes me 2 weeks to untangle all the ribbons when you’re
gone. LOL!

Come on out and celebrate spring!