Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finding The Right Gift

June is a time of celebration for many. It is a month of graduations for students, and Father’s Day for the dads, grandfathers, and guardians of the world. The one thing that pops up after the graduation parties and Father’s Day dinners have been planned, it is time to think about the gift. Some individuals truly don’t want any gift. Some do. Many like to give gifts as a form of affection and congratulations. But sometimes it can be difficult to find that right gift.

Anytime there is gift giving involved, we at Woodstock want to help you. If your “grad” or dad is a Classic Rock fan, beader, or incense lover, there is something at Woodstock for them. If you have an incense fan, we have an amazing collection of incense from all around the world. We also have wonderfully crafted incense burner bowls, as well as cool boat and coffin burners. If incense isn’t their thing, there is a huge selection of rock band t-shirts, tie dye shirts, dresses, skirts, bags, posters, tapestries, and blankets. We know dresses and skirts don’t really work for dads. Something that does work for grads and dads alike is mugs, pint glasses, shot glasses, and sets of each.

Two things that we carry are just for dads. Unless dad is a grad too. The Grateful Dead “Grateful Dad” shirt is classic. A design that has been around for years, it is a Father’s Day must for so many.

Grateful Dead "Grateful Dad" Shirt
We are happy to announce that there is an item from the “Grateful Dad Collection” that has returned to our shelves. A  few years ago, the “Grateful Dad” items went out of production. The t-shirt went back into production quickly. Unfortunately, the hat did not get the same treatment. Until now. We now have “Grateful Dad” hats in stock. Both items are a simple design. We think that even non-DeadHeads will appreciate it.
Grateful Dead "Grateful Dad" Hat
If you are in the area, come on in. “Mom” and the Woodstock gang will work with you, digging deep down into the depths of the store to find what you are looking for. We swear that the store is bigger than it looks. If you aren’t in the area, give us a call at (856) 424-6166 and we will work with you on the phone.

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