Friday, January 23, 2015

Ritual Candles

Woodstock Trading Company has been the Rock n’ Roll & Dead-center of South Jersey for over 25 years, supplying the community for all of their classic rock needs. But Woodstock offers more than rock n’ roll items. As many know, Dr. Seth has put together an immense collection of incense from around the world, catering to incense lovers. MOM and Seth have also assembled a wonderful bead selection for the local jewelry makers. However, many do not know that we have also been working hard to make available items for those in spiritual communities. 

Seth, for many years, has supplied spiritual individuals with incense for their prayers and ceremonies. We have Dragon’s Blood resin for those of the Wicca and Pagan faiths, sage for smudging, and Tibetan and Buddhist prayer incense. Local artists have also made rosaries and other prayer beads for the store. After taking suggestions from our community, and some consideration on the best ways to put things in motion, we are happy to announce that we now carry Ritual/Chime Candles. You might be wondering what a ritual/chime candle is.

Woodstock Trading Company Ritual Candle Selections
Standing around 4 inches tall, a ritual/chime candle resembles a standard taper candle. They generally burn for around 2 hours and work well for prayers and ceremonies for faiths like Wicca. Each candle is a different color, having a different use or meaning. 

These candles are $0.50 each. The list of colors and meanings (may vary) are as followed:
White: Enlightenment, Healing, Purification, Protection
Lavender: Selflessness, Compassion, Inspiration
Pink: Love, Friendship, Romance, Caring
Green: Prosperity, Fertility, Luck, Balance
Yellow: Communications, Trust, Happiness
Light Blue: Peace, Creativity, Patience
Orange: Self-confidence, Optimism, Success
Red: Vitality, Will Power, Desires
Brown: Material gain, Home, Problem Solving (Brown is out of stock)
Purple: Psychic Power, Divination, Healing
Indigo Blue: Knowledge, Focus, Truth
Black: Regeneration, Riddance, Transition

We also have Gold and Silver candles. They are $1.00 each. The meanings (may vary) for those colors are:
Gold: Financial Success, Strength, Optimism
Silver: Balance, Health, Victory

Our ritual candles are not available online at this very moment. If you are interested, come on in take a look. If they are something that you would like to order, give us a call at (856) 424-6166, send us an email, or leave us a message on the “Contact Us” page of the Woodstock Trading CompanyWebsite.

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