Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Time To Celebrate 50 Years of The Dead!

Music is a universal language. You could put 50 people in a room who speak 50 different dialects and they probably won’t be able to hold a conversation. There isn’t anything there to truly bring them together. If you stick those same people in a room and play music, the odds of them joining in song are quite high! Music is universally understood. There are some bands who can connect with one or two cultures with their music, bringing the communities together. It is rare for a band to make that connection worldwide. The Grateful Dead is one of those rarities.

For 50 years, the music of the Grateful Dead has been played in homes, offices, schools and arenas around the world. From the United States to South Korea, the Dead have brought people together with peace, love and good ol’ fun! Stadiums, music venues and parking lots have been filled with people who have come together to celebrate Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Bob Weir, Keith Godchaux, Donna Jean Godchaux, Brent Mydland, Vince Welnick and Jerry Garcia. Fans have come together to mourn the loss of band members. Because of this connection, the fan base that the Grateful Dead created our more than fans. They are family. They are Deadheads. We are Deadheads. We are everywhere. When another Deadhead is in need, we are there. This is the amazing family that the Grateful Dead created and brought together.

 On 4th of July weekend in Chicago, Illinois, the Grateful Dead with do that one more time with their 50th Anniversary concerts. Some say it won’t be the same without Jerry Garcia. Some say it isn’t the Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia. It won’t be the same without Jerry. But Jerry’s spirit and life force pulsate through the music of the Grateful Dead and the Deadheads. You honor Jerry by celebrating the music of the Dead. That is what really matters. The Deadhead community has been doing an excellent job preparing for this 50th Anniversary celebration. MOM and the Woodstock Gang have joined in on the preparation.

Although we won’t be able to make it out to Chicago for the concerts, we are having one at the store. Woodstock has lawn concerts every spring/summer/fall for people of all ages. Some are unable to take the time to go to Chicago or get tickets. We want to bring that amazing Grateful Dead spirit to the lawn with some great local bands. The Jugband will be supplying the music for our celebration. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar and Facebookpage for more information on the concert. We also have wonderful 50thAnniversary items. Artist Mike DuBois has designed amazing artwork for the Dead for years. He has come up with another beautiful design for the Anniversary. We carry this design in stickers, t-shirts (solid and tie dye) and signed posters. There are also other sticker designs available. A 50th Anniversary fleece blanket just came in and other items will soon arrive.

Whether you need that 50th Anniversary item for the show, something to celebrate with at home, or you just want to talk about those amazing Grateful Dead moments (that you can remember), come on down to Woodstock Trading Company. You will always be in the company of “Grate” Deadheads!

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